Medical Experience Consultation Online Doctor. It’s been almost two months, I feel dry lips as dry as possible.

It feels like just talking really, especially for smiling and laughing. OMG, I feel like I’m going to tear and continue to bleed my skin.

Even though at first glance my skin is just fine, but the pain and stiffness I can’t stand anymore until finally deciding to use the SehatQ Consultation Doctor application.

For the past two months, I have smeared olive oil, lip care, lip balm, and tender care, but there has been no result.

Drink plenty of water, drink lots of fruit already, drink vitamin C too.

But why do lips feel stiff, sore, and feel bloody?

I want to go straight to the doctor to check permission to work.

Not to mention the hospitals in my area that have specialist doctors quite far away, lazy to queue.

Medical Experience Consultation Online Doctor

Fortunately, now the convenience is in the palm of your hand, SehatQ Consultation Doctor application is very helpful for me, can consult with a specialist doctor anytime anywhere, without complicated and waiting in line.

SehatQ What Doctor Consultation Application, Really?

Well, SehatQ is a new breakthrough in the field of technology and health.

Enough to download the SehatQ application in the play store, or download SehatQ in the Apps Store.

Everyone can easily consult with hundreds of trusted general practitioners or specialists.

Doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and insurance integrated with SehatQ will make it easier for us to get health services.

SehatQ application makes health services feel easier, safer and more comfortable so that health needs can be handled faster, moreover, this application can be accessed anytime and anywhere in accordance with the health Simplifying Healthcare tagline.

Application Features HealthyQ Consultation Doctor

This application has complete features, ranging from consulting doctors to purchasing drugs sent in less than 1 hour. Is it really practical? Let’s discuss the application features one by one.

  • Talk to the Doctor

As I said before, both general practitioners and specialist doctors who are members of this application are experienced doctors and registered with the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI).

Simply by waiting for less than 60 seconds, we will immediately be connected to the doctor we have chosen.

Well, doctors in this application are also on standby 24 hours, you know.

If the doctor we choose is offline, we can consult with other doctors or wait for the doctor’s schedule online.

  • Free Questions and Answers with the Doctor

As far as I know, when I wanted to consult with a doctor in this application it’s not free you know.

Eh, it turns out that it is for consultation with general practitioners and specialist doctors for free.

I have been consulting with a specialist three times, free of charge.

Buy medicine at the Consultation Doctor app
In my opinion, the feature of buying drugs is very helpful because of the 24-hour service and fast drug delivery.

Free shipping too, will be delivered to our address. So what are you trying?

SehatQ works closely with the pharmacy closest to where we live. So no need to worry because our prescription drugs will be accepted directly by the pharmacist.

  • Visit the hospital

In the SehatQ Consultation Doctor application, we can also use the doctor’s appointment feature at the hospital we choose.

We will get priority services at the hospital without the hassle of queuing up.
Medical Experience Consultation Online Doctor.

This feature makes patients save time when consulting with doctors in the hospital.

Make sure before making an appointment with a doctor, we must register first.

Well, this registration can also use BPJS.

In addition to being able to directly meet with the doctor without having to queue.

We can also redeem drugs without waiting in line at the hospital.

Because the drug is sent directly to our address using an online motorcycle taxi partner in less than an hour.

So, after finishing consulting with the doctor at the hospital, we can go straight home.

  • Laboratory examination

Honestly, this is the first time I know that we can check the laboratory at home, yes at our home not at the hospital. Hahaha.

Unfortunately, the location of new laboratory examinations is in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Depok, Bekasi, Surabaya, Medan, Denpasar, Manado, and Semarang.

The mechanism is that we choose the inspection package that we need, continue to determine the inspection date.

We just sit at home and then SehatQ staff will come to our location.

Without queuing, it’s easy, and lab results directly accepted through the application can be discussed with the doctor SehatQ.

  • Reminder at SehatQ Consultation Doctor

Yoohoo take medicine without anyone remembering what? Medical Experience Consultation Online Doctor
His name must take medication regularly and should not be missed. Well, in this application there is a reminder or reminder for taking medication. So there is no more reason for forgetting to take medicine.

  • Health Record

The health record feature is no less important, you know. Why? Yes, because we can access all conversations when we talk to the doctor, buy medicine, and the results of the lab examination. Who knows, forget the complaints and prescription drugs, right?

  • Articles on Health

Besides being able to ask original doctors and feel the ease of health, we can also read various articles about health in this application with various categories. Starting from the categories of sex, healthy food, beauty, pregnancy, child care, child growth, toddler growth, diet and nutrition. Feature articles about health are quite useful for increasing health knowledge.

  • Payment method

The choice of payment methods that can be used for transactions at Halodoc is very diverse.

There are Walet, Gopay and Debit / Credit Cards.

You can also use Mandiri and BCA virtual accounts.

Well, for those of you who have health insurance, you don’t need to worry.

Because in this application you can directly connect with 14 insurances starting from Mandiri Life, BRI Life, Prudential, AXA, Allianz, etc.

Steps to Using the SehatQ Application Consult a Doctor

First: Download the HealthyQ Consultation Doctor App

We must download the application first. Medical Experience Consultation Online Doctor

Well, after this application is successfully installed, the next step is to create an account with an email that is still active.

The process is not long, just a matter of seconds the start page of the Halodoc Consultation Doctor application will appear.

Then choose the menu “talk to the doctor”, we are free to Ask the Doctor and choose a doctor to consult according to poly what we need.

Because yesterday my complaint was related to the skin of the lips, so I immediately looked for a skin specialist.

Second: Make a Doctor’s Appointment

after choosing a doctor the next step is to make a doctor’s appointment. Medical Experience Consultation Online Doctor

We just need to wait less than 60 seconds to be directly connected to the doctor to start the consultation.

Luckily using the application three times was always welcomed kindly by the doctor I chose.

We don’t need to hesitate or be afraid of the doctors in SehatQ.

Because they are experienced doctors who are members of IDI.

The profile of each doctor is also very complete starting from the name of the doctor.

The place of practice of doctors, alumni of the doctor’s college, to the number STR.

It can be taken into consideration when we choose a doctor.

Third: Get a Recipe

After finishing the consultation session, we will get a prescription from the doctor.

Incidentally yesterday I consulted with Dr. Putri, Sp.KK, she prescribed the drug Carmed 20% as a lip moisturizer to relieve dermatitis on my lips.

She also patiently answered my questions. Yes, yes, especially finding a super talkative patient like me.
Although I have consulted three times, I have just tried to order drugs according to the prescription from Dr. Putri on SehatQ.

It turns out how to order it is quite easy, we can directly upload prescriptions from doctors in the category of buying drugs, really practical right?

After uploading a prescription drug, the price will automatically appear and detailed information about the drug.

Fourth: Payment

Make a payment. Payment transactions at SehatQ can be done by several methods, yesterday I tried to pay using gopay.

After payment is confirmed, the drug will be directly packaged by the nearest pharmacy to our address.

Which is already cooperating with SehatQ.

Well, since the drug delivery service doesn’t reach my home address, I send it to the office address in just minutes.

Fifth: Receive medicine

Receive medicine in good condition. Very happy when receiving drugs in the packaging it says “do not accept if the packaging is damaged”.

Feels like you really care about SehatQ.

Healthy Drug Payment ConfirmationQ

I think this application is very easy to use by new users like me, the user-friendly application display makes it easy to use.

My prayers that we are all always healthy and happy.

Hope that the people of Indonesia can keep abreast of technological developments so they can live easier.